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Rockin’ Engine – The Wretched and the Damned


Acheter le LP The Wretched and the Damned de Rockin’ Engine en disque vinyle 12”.

The concept of this album is to point out the chaos we live in our everyday lives, as a society and individually. We talk about people joining forces to start a revolution and put a stop to abuse and discrimination. This is our message to those who want to stand against our world leaders and fight for a better tomorrow. It is our time to speak, our time to fight, with the power of constructive influence and our voices might!

All music and lyrics written and performed by Rockin’ Engine.
Recorded and produced by Dark Moon Productions.

Steve O Leff – Vocals and guitars
Ste Vy Leff – Guitars
Joel Bilodeau – Drums
JP Buzzard – Bass

Paru le 31 octobre 2020


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